19 mai 2024
tremblement de terre au maroc

Tremblement au Maroc, ils attendent l'aide internationale.

Earthquake in Morocco, Jules Uhry High School mobilizes.

You can also read this text in french.

Earthquake in Morocco on September 8, 2023, southwest of Marrakech. A powerful earthquake causes 2960 deaths and 5674 injuries. In response to the distress of the residents, the world mobilizes to organize fundraisers. The CVL (Student Council), the MDL (Student Union), students, and adults from Jules UHRY High School participated.

Earthquake in Morocco, Jules Uhry High School rallies together. Following the students’ requests on Pronote and the ENT platform, solidarity has been organized with the support of the Student Council (CVL), the Student Union (MDL), the BTS ESF1 class, and the teachers: Mrs. Assempti and Mr. SEREIN. This is how clothing, school supplies, hygiene products, and medical equipment were collected at the Mandela hall for three weeks.

Thanks to the great generosity of highschool students, student life organizations, the Student Council (CVL), and the Student Union (MDL) have collected over 30 boxes of donations. The BTS ESF1 students sorted and grouped the donations into several packages to facilitate their redistribution to charities.

On November 15, 2023, the associations « Pour un sourire », « sourire à nouveau », and RCCA went to Jules UHRY high school to collect donations.

You can also read this text in french.

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