19 mai 2024

You can also read this text in french.

Long live book radio ! The new segment by RDJU presented by Lilia, a literature enthusiast!

If you love reading and revisiting tons of books, whether it’s summer or winter, on the train or at the beach, at school or at home, this new show by RDJU isperfect for you!

In each episode, Lilia will introduce you to a passionate reader and their favorite work. And since we all have a book, a manga, a comic that has marked our lives, we are sure that you too have a place in book radio !

If you want to be featured in the segment, don’t hesitate to contact Lilia, Mr. Lerouxel at the CDI, or Bruno at the Mandela Space of the JU!

The first episode of book radio will give you chills! Because the fate of Thérèse Raquin is as tragic and bitter as a good glass of poison…

You can also read this text in french.

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